My Patreon campaign.

It's time to turn this blog up to 11! 2016 is shaping up to be a real break out year. What does all this mean? Well for starters we are going to be doing a lot of product reviews. We have been blessed in that some manufactures have been gracious and are sending out products for us to test and review. I wish I could be a bit more specific but at this time I'm not allowed.

We would also like to expand heavily into YouTube. I have a dream of producing High Quality painting videos for beginners. I am going to start with the basics such as setting up your work station. Basic paints (colors etc to own) and work our way up the ranks of techniques.

Also we will be opening a store. But not just another web store to sell you useless products that everyone else does. We will be offering good quality and most importantly customizable products that will actually make your gaming and modeling experience much better!

So with all this, I'm sure you are asking why I need your help. We are working hard to bring out great products. We have secured the cameras needed for HD video. We have the editing software. We even have the ability to customize vinyl on anything you could want. We need help getting things like good microphones, lighting, and a soundboard.

Also we need more and different models to work on. We need models from GW, Scale75, Scibor etc.

So please, if you can help we ask you to give, Anything will help, and it all gets put back into the blog. We don't use your money on the phone bill. It goes towards lights, models, glue etc.

My Patreon Page

Anything helps and I totally understand if you can't, don't want to. All I'm asking is that if you are able and willing. Please do.

Thanks in Advance,
Your some-what humble painter.

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