Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hey sports fans! Its been a few weeks but I am back.

I'm not gonna lie I hadn't even been down to my painting area in over 2 weeks. Life just gets in the way sometimes. But it can be good too. My batteries are recharged and the creative juices are once again flowing.

I decided to go big and paint a unit. I'll be working on Alexia and the Risen from PP. I love the Alexia model its just an awesome pose and a really well done sculpt. And really, who doesn't love a model on a skull base?

Here are some pictures of the first base colors being laid down.

I got the cape based and the first set of highlights added.

Here are the Risen I love how PP made them look like soldiers from the other factions. That's just stinking cool to me.

And here is group shot. Cuz why not.