Monday, October 19, 2015

Kodiak Display getting ready for Warmachine Weekend.

Hey everybody. I finally had a bit more free time to work on the Kodiak. I really am digging how the display is coming along.

I started with the clay and the trees. Then moved onto getting a "rock" set in for the Kodiak to stand on. Followed by some happy moss and some little bushes to break up the color. I also have a rusted out Menoth Jack thing to give a good contrast to the greens.

Then it was onto the snow. I searched and read and spoke to a few fantastic people in the hobby and found that Secret Weapons Miniatures - Crushed Glass is the best snow effect around. A few words of caution when using this stuff. It is CRUSHED GLASS!!! Wear a friggen N95 mask. You do NOT want this stuff in your lungs (lungs + glass = no bueno). Also wear a pair of rubber gloves and use this stuff on a surface you can dump out. Be safe ok?

So yea basically you use a clear resin like Still Water then dump the glass onto it. It drys and BLAM snow....

Ok I'll stop yapping. Have some pics.