Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quick update time.

My new Badger Patriot 105 came in the mail today! So very happy until I went to put it to work and realized I had the wrong darn connector. So I am happy and sad all at the same time. So off to Michael's I go later to get the right stuff. Pictures of the new spray and how awesome I hope it will be soon. For now here is the unboxing.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Update time.

So my new shiny Badger Patriot 105 is on the way from Chicago Airbrush as I type this.

I am incredibly excited to get airbrushing again, and I kinda feel like a real boy now that I have a Badger airbrush.

So where to start? What do you want to see me use as a first model with this thing?

I have a few choices for you so let me know.

1. Troll Bloods Battle Box

2. Merc Jacks
 a - Nomad
 b- Buccaneer
 c - Rocinante

I can't hardly wait.

In the meantime I am just about done with chipping and weathering the Galleon so I should have final post and lots of pictures up next week.