Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Herne is in the house.

So last time I showed you Jonne from Herne and Jonne. I figured it would only be right to finish up the other model in this dynamic due. These sculpts are some of the oldest from PP and while they are showing their ages they are still fun and full of character. It was a real treat to work on something different and it has definitely been a pallet cleanser and a catalyst for me to want to get into painting other miniatures from different lines.

So without further adieu. I give you Herne.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Herne and Jonne

Well ok maybe just Jonne for now. Herne will come in the next week.

I wanted to take a break from just painting Khador models, and lets be real. I'm sure we are all a bit sick of seeing so much red from the north about now.

I was looking for a model that was fun to paint and really had some character. Herne and Jonne just stood out to me.

So I started working on Jonne as this one seemed like it would be a quick model to get together and finished. I was not trying to do anything really special. No super secret airbrush tech was used. Just good old fashioned paint brush and paint went into this one. Also I did it fast. I think I put about 3 hours into the model total so far.

I really like how the red on the shirt and the light green work well together. Not in love with the shoulder armor so we'll see if that stays or if I go a bit darker.

So here is what I have. I still need to go back and do the highlights but right now the model is sitting in the spray boots with the gloss varnish drying.