Friday, April 24, 2015

GW Models for a change.

Well I finally got to working on some 40k models for a friend.

I had been putting these off for a while, but today inspiration struck. I wanted something flashy that will work well in contrast. These are undercoated in an almost neon green bordering on yellow. I am using a kinda modified hairspray technique to get a crackled paint look. I am really digging the purple and green together.

This one should get pretty interesting. I am thinking that any silvers will have to be very very dark, almost like the dark bluing you would see on real rifles. And for the golds I will be using Vallejo Red gold to give it a good dark look. Stay tuned this one is gonna be fun.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Warning! - Another Fraudulent Commission Painting Business - Battle Grounds Wargaming.

This "Company" is based out of Brampton, Canada. They have been taking in peoples models and money. Apparently this has been going on for months. so much so that frustrated clients have taken to forums in the hopes of shedding some public light on the issue.

To make matters worse the owner of this company has joined the forum and began arguing with the customers. One in particular has asked multiple times to have his models returned, not returned with money spent. Just wants his models back. This has not happened. Another customer traded in a GW High Elves army for a painted GW Spaces wolves army. The customer after months received an unpainted Space Wolves army and was told that the High Elves had been sold and could not be returned. No refund was offered but a "painting credit" was given..

When confronted on these issues the owner is now threatening to declare bankruptcy and let everyone else's models just go away (meaning he gets to keep them).

Here is a direct post from the Owner
"I can really careless. I was being nice before to show my sympathy. Like I said this business name means nothing. This business cost me nothing to start and another on will cost me nothing to start. I've explained to everyone in personal detail through email. There is nothing more I can say. So either take your models or be patient and let me paint to them."

So please place an order with this company at your own risk.

Here is the thread if you wish to read it

Dakka Thread

Monday, April 20, 2015

Model Tray - A Review of a new product.

Dragon's Lair Accessories was kind enough to send me the first of a kind new tournament tray. For those of you not familiar with such things, tournaments are crazy and stuffed with people and moving your army's from table to table can be a chore. Tournament trays have been hitting the scene for a few years now and there are several big name places selling them in the $80+ range.  DLA is looking to break into the market and are much better priced. DLA has gone with real wood, and I like that. Other companies offer trays in both wood and acrylic (acrylic can be laser etched and personalized more readily. etc).

Here are a few pics of the DLA tray so you know what I am referring to.

So how does the DLA tray compare?

The good:

1. Its big and pretty darn light considering its wood. (when metal models are added this becomes a big factor).

2. I really like the long front piece that can hold, dice, cards, tape measure etc.

3. Interchangeable slots so that you can change your configuration based on army composition.

4. It's very sturdy and well put together.

5. Slots are well drilled and plenty deep to keep models in place when on the tray.
The could be better.

The needs improvement list:

1. While the wood is stained it could use a varnish coat. It is still rough (I will do this myself to seal it this weekend).

2. The interchangeable slots are too easy to pop out from the bottom, which could lead to spilled over models and nobody wants that. (I am going to add a few magnets to the corners of the board and the parts and see how that does.

So what's my final take on them? I think they are pretty darn good deal for the money he is asking. A few kinks to work out but then what new product doesn't have a few?

If you are looking for a tray and wan't to support the little guy jump over to DLA store and give him some business. (link is in the name at the beginning of this post).