Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thrall Warrior.

I did this one fast and dirty, I was looking for something easy and quick to paint up after spending hours and hours on the Hyperion. I wanted something fun that I could do and make look good in under an hour.

The paints for this one were strait forward. Vallejo grey surface primer, then I covered it in VMA Aluminum (as most of the model was going to be the armor. Jack bone was the base for the skull, followed by a highlight of the old GW lines Bleached Bone (gonna miss this bottle when its finally all used up). Then washed with the old GW Devlin Mud (or magic in a pot as they used to call it). The Green on the cape is VMC Russian Green.

It's funny how much you miss on a model until you take pictures of it. I didn't notice the extra wash that stayed on the sword or the bit of paint that made it onto the rim of the base.

As to the base.... This is one of the skull bases I had been working on. It got a brown wash and them some Secret Weapons Miniatures Real Water to give it that wet nasty blood look.

On to the photos......