Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And.... We are back for another exciting episode of.......No I haven't finished the Galleon yet. Yes I am aware its starting to sound like a joke/mythical creature.
In my defense I started a new job this week and for some reason they expect me to be there all the time.

So what have I gotten done you ask? Well I managed to finish another commission piece for a friend (payed for models get done faster).

This is the Cygnar Thunderhead. It reminds me of a DJ for some reason.

The Thunderhead was a lot of fun. I got to try a new technique with a brown oil wash. I had meant to try this out sooner on other models but this is the first one that I had finished that would look good with brown.

The base is my favorite part. Its from Secret Weapons Miniatures and its just a fun base. It almost looks like  the model is ready to jump in (well to me anyway). The base is awesome because I got to play with rust pigments and realistic water all in the same place.

So let me know what you think!