Monday, December 21, 2015

The end of the year blog post!

Warning, this post will not contain much in the way of hobby content. It's a reflection of what has been.

First I want to thank you for continuing to read my blog. I get a thrill out of logging onto my computer in the morning and seeing the number jump up on how many views I've had the day before. The blog has had an incredible year, I hit 10,800 views over the last 12 months. That is an amazing number in my book! So thank you from the bottom of my heart. It encouraging to see that people actually read what I type and look at my models. It drives me to do and be better each time.

Looking back over the models I've completed this year it's funny to think that I started in January working on my 9 year old son's Protectorate of Menoth models and finished with a display piece from Khador. It was a long and strange year but fulfilling.

What's next?

In the next year I plan to expand on the blog. I am going to reach out and work on different types of miniatures from different game companies. You will see more GW stuff, Some Infinity models. I am really itching to get a hold of a few Knight Models (the batman stuff) and hopefully some Super Dungeon Explorer.

I will also start doing more product reviews as things come in (but that's a surprise for later).

I am also spinning up an honest to goodness YouTube channel. I am going to focus on beginners. There are so many painters on YouTube and they are fantastic but so few of them actually teach the basics. I expect that to start around February, as it takes time to create, edit and upload.

And finally I ask for your feedback. Please leave comments, let me know what you like and what you don't. Tell me what you want to see in the future. This blog belongs to you, so please let me know how you want me to make it better.

I'd like to give a few shout outs as well.

To Secret Weapons Miniatures, Thank you for the fantastic products you produce. Your weathering powders and Crushed Glass really make the miniature stand out!

To Badger Airbrush Company - I use your Patriot 105 and Renegade Khrome religiously. They are both excellent and continue to impress.

To Vallejo - Your paints rock, and your airbrush thinner is top notch!

To Privateer Press - I love your models they are inspiring to paint (even when I curse the crazy details sometimes). Also the more I use the P3 paint line the more I love it.

To Hanger 18 Miniatures - Thank you again for providing backgrounds for photography. The quality and look are just fantastic.

To Painting with Menoth John - Keep putting out your show. There are many a night (or day) that I have you on in the background while painting. Ya'll are inspiring, in your own sick and twisted (in a good) way.

And last but not least to my Wife and Kids, who put up with the long hours of painting,

So here is to what was an amazing 2015, and to an even better 2016!

And again I thank you, I couldn't do it without you!

See ya next year folks.