Thursday, May 19, 2016

Finally a new project!

For those that didn't know, my amazing wife and I had baby number 5 a few weeks ago. It is truly an astonishing thing, and quite frankly she is probably the best mini (see what I did there?) we have ever made.

That being said I was finally able to get back into the painting studio to work on models.

I picked the Privateer Press, Khador Beast 09 Warjack as my return project. It's a really old sculpt and time has not been terribly kind to it, and yet it has a quirky character filled feel about it.

As to painting technique. I started with my typical red ink over highlights mix, and got the black added for the undercoat on the soon to be added silvers. Then went ahead and did the browns to under coat the golds. For this one I am actually using Vallejo - Model Color - Brass. My thinking is that its an older model so why not go a bit toned down on all the shiny bits.

So stay tunes. Lots more to come, and I will be back to the posting at least twice a week in the very near future!