Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Retribution of Scyrah Battle Box Part 2.

Check me out.... I actually got two nights of painting into the same week. Still avoiding my Khador Red so work continues on the angry elves.

I started by blocking in everything that is going to be silver (any shade of silver) with black. I used P3 Thamarite Black is its a fantastic matte black that goes on really smooth. Once that was good and dry it was time to add the silvers. for most everything from the smoke stacks to the weapons I used good old P3-Pig Iron. On the Arc-node I used Vallejo Model Air - Chrome to give it an super shine and to pick it out from the rest.  The silvers will be given a good slathering of P3 - Armour wash which is a very light blue wash that really gives a good hint of older iron.  After that it will be onto the golds and a surprise or two.

Anyway.... Have some pics.

Monday, October 26, 2015

And now for something completely different.

As much as I would like to have my Khador fully painted before Warmachine Weekend. I am kinda burnt out on painting that much red.

I've had the Retribution Battle Box sitting around for a while so I figured it's time to get this painted up and on its way. The tradition Retribution paint scheme is this strange white and blue that honestly looks horrible. I figure that they are really just a bunch of angry elves and elves are traditionally green and brown. So naturally I went with green.

I am using the same ink technique I have been showing on the Khador jacks, just this time with a green ink instead. I did find out that the green ink is a bit more opaque than the red, which is a bit strange as they are the same brand, but hey that's how life goes sometimes.

I was able to get to the second highlight followed by the send ink to smooth the blends and now the models are waiting for the first gloss coat to dry so I can keep on keeping on.

With out further ado...... Have some pictures.