Sunday, September 18, 2016

Slow and steady wins the race!

With nursing school, my kids all in school, and my wife in school as well (let's not forget about working while we are at it!). It's been a rare gem to find time to paint.

That being said, clients must be a priority as well. I started working on a clients Privateer Press, Legion model called the Strider Death Stalker. First thing to know that this model is really cool. It has just enough detail to make it interesting, without going overboard and making it a burden to paint and look at. The simplicity of the model also means that doing it right comes down to highlights shading and color choices (but don't they all really?).

To start the models were cleaned and pins were set into place. The nice thing about these little gems of white metal is the fact that it's only two pieces. So the whole body and the bow arm. I decided to paint them separately, as the bow would get in the way of about 1/3 of the body for painting (and of course it's the detail part!). Pins also were put into the feet to attach to the base later.

Ah yes the bases..... I wanted to create something special for these. As they are on 30mm bases there isn't all that much room to tell a story. The client asked for ice theme and I love me some crushed glass. I started out with Secret Weapons Miniature - Swamp bases as they suit my purpose fantastically. They have tree stumps and most importantly a deep lip which makes poring resin a non-messy breeze.

So here are some WIP shots. Stay tuned for more next week.

Please note the resin is still drying on the base so it looks like white soup at this point.