Saturday, February 21, 2015

I found something....

I had found myself in a part of town that I normally don't go to and remembered that there is a small Game store off the main strip. I had a about an hour before my next class so I decided to stop in and see what they were all about. It was your typical Magic, GW, all the other games type store. A bit small but looked like it might be a good hang out. I was browsing the walls and happened upon an old (like more than 5 years) Metal PP Juggernaut. This is like the model that made Warmachine for me back in the day. It's a big hunk of white metal, it's solid and just downright cool. They offered me an amazing deal on it (thanks Patreons!) and I picked it up.

 Apparently my memory was a bit fuzzy cuz I forgot about the old "Khador Gap" the old metal models didn't quite fit together right. So as I assembled it I noticed a few spots that need to be filled and filed. I'm glad PP has come a long long way on these. But for nostalgia purposes this is gonna be fun.

So have some pics! Its assembled and I am letting the glue cure before a soapy water bath and then some priming.

So very many gaps to fill! How cool and towering is this model though?