Saturday, January 10, 2015

Menoth Choir 2.0 (and some legion to boot).

Well it's been a bit and I realized I hadn't been down to paint in over a week.

So I put the baby down for a nap, let the older kids get on the MineCraft (aka Kid Crack) and headed off to the painting cave.

In our last installment of painting the Choir I had just used an oil wash on the leader. I had since finished the base coats on the grunts and used Tamiya Gloss Coat on them to seal in the freshness (well that and seal them off so I could apply the wash).

So today I washed them using my last pot of Devlin Mud. For those new to the game Devlin Mud is probably the best GW product to come down the pipe. It really is talent in bottle. It's just shy of an actual oil wash but I was a bit lazy today and didn't feel like mixing a wash so I didn't. All that's left on the grunts is to let them dry, hit em with a dull coat of varnish, add the highlights and squiggle some lines on their parchment looking things. The Choir's Leader is just about done. He needs a few more highlights on the golds and some Gloss Coat on gem stones and we can call it a day.

Have some pics (they're free ya know).

As a bonus I put together a Legion Angelious. This is somewhat of a side project for further down the road. I felt like putting together a model or two and the box was just sitting there all innocent like, just begging me to open it. 

Quick rant. This model has eight pieces. 8! It should not have taken me a goram hour and a half to put it together. Its white metal and that's awesome, but man the flash and the need to pin (big and small) because of its weight was just nuts. Add in all the spiky bits.... and erg, Why? Why did I get two of them?