Thursday, February 26, 2015

A few things..... This one is gonna be a bit long and rambling and has a few subjects.

Sorry in advance my ADHD is kicking in a bit. Well I don't actually have that but I didn't feel like working on the Butcher/Behemoth diorama and my Karchev model came in the mail the other day and ya'll know how Shiny Object syndrome works....

Anyway. I ordered the Karchev model with no intention of ever actually fielding it on the table, but its such an incredible model that I really want to paint it up. I figured hey why not take the lessons I've learned about building a diorama and see if I can do even better. Off to Hobby Lobby I went to find some things... I grabbed a 10" diameter balsa wood plinth for $1.99 and some wood putty. I already had some plastic brick wall stuff and other things in my bits box. So I walked out of Hobby Lobby for under $10 equipped with what I needed.

First thing I did was put together the model. This thing is all metal and weighs about 2lbs! Its solid and big and lets face it, kinda awesome. The 2 Storm Guard will be added in to the diorama as well so I included them in the picture for scale.

Next up it was time to lay out what I want the diorama to look like. Out came the pen and the bad drawing skills. 

Not sure why this image is staying sideways....

Then it was time to add the first layer of wood putty

You can see that I drilled into the wood and placed brass rods where the modes will be. This will let me slide them on to the pins when all is said and done giving it what I hope will be a seamless look.

Next it I smoothed out the lower side and added in some eye candy.

I used a few Warjack weapons, a barrel ect to add a bit and break up the open ground.

My favorite addition is the pipes coming out into what will be the water down the road. I made these by cutting two Q-tips (ear cleaning things for you non-Americans).

You can also see that the very end of the water part I cut into the wood to give it a bit of a channel. I am hoping that it will keep the water in place without having to add a rim around the entire thing.

Now to let the wood putty dry. Then off to priming and base coating, followed by painting and flocking....

But wait there is more.... Now that I had a few models ready I figured it was time to prime.

I was able to prime Karchev, the Juggernaut from the last post, and a Menoth Redeamer that I picked up for my son.

Last but by no stretch of the imagination least. My Table Scapes tiles finally came. It was a long 2 year wait on the kickstarter but they are amazing. 

My guess is I'll get to them in the next 6 months.