Saturday, April 4, 2015

Competition 3.0 aka Photo Dump.

I got a good amount of painting done today. I was able to get the silvers and most of the brass and golds on the model. I still need to work on the face's grill and then the final darker silvers of the hands, sword and gun barrel. Then..... muhahaha it will be time to ruin a perfectly good model.

The silver so far is Vallejo Model Air - Aluminum.
The Golds have been
P3 Rhulic Gold
Vallejo Model Color Brass
Vallejo Metallic Alcohol Based Old Gold

It's also time to start thinking about basing.... I chose the Secret Weapons Miniatures line for this. For PP models I usually use the Trench Line but for this one I went with something new. I am going to try they Scrap Yard base. I feel like it will work well with the style I am looking for on this model. So hopefully it will be here this next week.

Here is what it looks like from the SWM website.

Here is a link if you want to buy stuff from Mr Justin (you should, his stuff rocks). 

So yea.......Here have a metric crap ton of pics.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Contest Model 2.0

So today I did a bit of rage painting.

What is rage painting you ask? Well PTSD is a bitch. I was at the point of rage where I needed to remove myself from all of mankind and what better place to go then where I can focus my energy into something productive then the painting table. (I wonder if I can get the VA to pay for my hobby as "Therapy"?

Anywho.... I got some work done on Rocinante. This is the model that I am painting up for a competition based on the theme of Veteran. The idea is to have something that looks like its been there, done that and survived to tell about it. The model is going to be rusted, dirtied, and made downright nasty with battle damage.... But first I have to make it look good before the destruction can occur.

I started by laying the undecoat of browns into reds and up to orange. The base of brown I used is Vallejo Game Color - Beasty Brown. It is a bit lighter than I would normally go for a rust effect but the green I am going to use on the model is very light and it should give a good contrast. After that dried I added a bit of Vallejo Game Color - Gory Red in a 4:2 mix with the Brown. Then moved to a 4:2 ratio of the mix and Old GW - Bright Orange (its a bit more red then most orange out there).

Once the paint was dry it was time to protect the rust layer. This is what we will be chipping down to so we need a good layer of varnish over it so that we don't accidentally go all the way down to the grey plastic when we chip the paint later down the road. I used Tamiya Gloss Varnish because its the best I've found and its tough as nails when dry.

I gave it an hour to cure (worked on some other models I'm not ready to show yet (patience grasshoppers).

Once the Gloss was dry and good to go. I grabbed the Aqua-Net hair spray. This step is key. Use really cheap hairspray. The good stuff is bad for what we want. The hair spray is water soluble so once we are ready to chip we use a bit of water and watch how it dissolves the  hairspray under the paint letting us get a good natural chipping to occur.

Then it was time to start laying down the actual paint layers that will cover the model.

I wanted to keep with the overall feel of the Mercs Faction but did not want to go with a darker green. I used Vallejo Model Color - Russian WWII green and it looks fantastic so far.

Well that's about it for now.

Next up will be to add the silver and golds, but that's another blog entry.

Please leave some feedback. Any suggestions for basing would be greatly helpful.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Let's enter a painting contest!

So is having a March Painting Contest. The theme is Veteran.

So naturally most people are going to go with something like a GW Space Marine. Or a Dreadnought. I want to do something out of the box and unexpected. And let's face it nobody expects the I mean a PP Mercenary Warjack...

I am going to be going a bit off the reservation with this one. Most of these (and the studio paint scheme) are dark brass/greens. Which are great but don't lend them selves too well to rusting chipping (not a huge leap in color difference).

I'm thinking a lighter Khaki will be the main color for him.

So here is the primed model. I'll be thinking of something for the base.

Too excited about this to want to go to work or college but alas I must.....