Saturday, September 6, 2014

Knight Titan 3.0

Yea I know it's quite a few updates to the blog for one day. In my defence its been a long time since I have had a whole day to actually build and paint something. That and I am really excited about painting this thing.

So I got the first brown of the rust down. I used Vallejo Model Color German Brown. It's a really nice dark mustard brown. Looks like what mud should.

I gave this coat about an hour to dry then it was on to the orange of the rust. I used the Old Fire Dragon Orange from GW mixed about 5:1 with VMC Mahogany Brown. I'm going with a very bright rust because the base colors will be purple and red. I need something that will stand out but still look like rust.

Now to wait a few hours and let everything get nice and dry. Then I will add a heavy gloss coat and call it good for the night.

Thanks for reading. More to come in a few days.

Knight Titan 2.0

Well I spent the morning cutting things off sprue, cutting off mold lines and extra bits.... Oh how I have missed this GW. Than onto assembly. Because of how complex and how many "layers" if you will this model has I decided to paint it in pieces and then do a final assembly.

Also important to note...The legs fit perfectly BACKWARDS. So if you do not have a Dremel Tool and some Green Stuff life is gonna be hard. Lucky I did, and well, that was a fun waste of about 30 minutes.

I also cut up the shield a bit and drilled in a few bullet dents. These should be fun focal points for rust streaks.

I can't really see it in the picture but we are going with the Punisher looking face plate.

So now its sitting in the spray booth primed and curing. I am off to all the game stores to find some Vallejo Game Color Gory Red (wish me luck).

Knight Titan 1.0

Yep that's right folks step on down and see me actually work on a GW model. It's only been like 3 years since I have touched something made by the plastic crack company of Nottingham. I really like the look of this one and the shoulder pads/turtle like things look to be a pallet that just can't be resisted.

This is gonna be for a really good friend, in fact this is for the guy that got me into this whole crazy world of wargaming (no pressure right?).

It will be a Tzeentch Titan so its gonna be good and rusted and nasty and hopefully it will make you feel like you need a Tetanus shot when you look at it.

So here is the plan of attack.
1. Assemble but leave the arms seperate so he can magnetize and swap weapons.
2. Prime with grey
3. RUST layer
4. Gloss Coat
5. Hair Spray (Aqua Net baby! just like we are back in the 80s so grab yer mom jeans!
6. Base Coat and first blends (I'm thinking a deep red into purple)
7. Ruin a perfectly good paintjob
8. Oil Washes and Powders
9. Another Gloss coat (to seal in the freshness)
10. Satin or Matte Coat (depending on how it will look).

Looks like I have a fair bit of work ahead of me.

Now I know your asking.... But Rob whats with the Pink Horrors? Well those shall be part of the base but that's another update.

And the Rubber Ducky? Thats just my kids being funny!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rhan 3.14159265359

Well kids this one is just about in the books. I just gloss coated him so I can bring out the details and darken up the reds with an oil wash. Then all thats left will be a satin coat and we can call this one in the books.

I did not go with a typical Ret scheme because lets be honest the white is really bland. I had to balance the reds so it didn't come out too "Khador". I think I achieved that goal.

The things I am really proud of on this one are the dynamic basing and I really like the gold shoulder pad.