Saturday, May 2, 2015

Thagrosh Painter of Everblight 2.0

I was able to work on this today. I started with a 5:1 mix of VMC -Dead White and VGC - Stone Grey. This was laid down as the base skin color. I need something whitish that will hold the blue and then purple inks later in the painting process.

After that dried it was time to add the red glow/gore on the torso. I used FW Red ink and shot it through the airbrush at about 5psi.

Then added on P3 Jack Bone for the spikes and nails.

The cape... ah the cape. I used the Jack Bone for the skulls then P3 Blood Tracker Brown, P3 Beast Hide, and another paint that I didn't right down and can't remember for the browns on the cape. Now to let it dry and then I'll start the blending on the cape to really bring out the highlights.

While everything was drying I started working on the base. The stone is drybrushed in stages from black grey up to stone gray. Then I used VMC - Russian Green as the base color and went up to Neon Green to give it a bit of texture. I poured the Still Water in and now that will cure overnight.

Ah yes past the wall of text and now for the pictures.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Thagrosh the Painter. 1.0

First off, this model is cool, very very cool. This is a convention exclusive from Privateer Press. They took a Warlock, took away his sword and gave him a paintbrush. Then for fun and excitement they put a tiny little Khador Juggernaut in his hand!

Here is what the Privateer Press cover photo looks like.

I was asked to paint this model and really how could I say no.

I got the model prepped and pinned the resin pieces (legs and cape) were pretty rough with mold lines and vent ports.

Then it was time to prime. As big and detailed as this model is it makes more sense to paint the pieces then put it together. You'll notice in the pictures that the torso has a bunch of pins, a few of these are just to keep the holes clear and adds an additional place to hold the model while painting.

Ok enough of me, have some pictures.