Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hyperion 2.0

Well folks it's been about 24 hours since the primer was put on. I was able to get a good base coat down using Vallejo Model Color Dark Grey mixed with Reaper Pale Flesh and Vallejo Game Color Black. I used a mix of 6:2:2 and this gave me a very nice dark grey with a hint of green. Then the highlights I added a bit more of the Pale Flesh and got a very nice grey/green highlight.

As a quick aside, people please don't use strait black for painting your models black. Use a dark grey and highlight up on the light spots and then use shades, or inks, or washes to make the recesses very dark. It looks better and gives much needed depth to the model.

Now to let this all dry over night so that when its time for taping off tomorrow I won't pull up any paint with the tape. So here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.