Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hyperion 3.0

I was able to start on the recesses that are going to be bright white. I started lightening with Vallejo Game Color Stone Grey. It is a good base color for white and has great coverage to help block out the dark grey/green. I will have to add another coat of this before working my way to actual white.

Once the white is where I want it. There will be bright red on all the circles inside the white. I hope to give it an almost red glow.

So here are a few pics to tide you over till next time.

Badger 2.0 (Krome)

I'm just about giddy right now. The owner of the FLGS that I go to was at Adepticon and happened to go by the Badger Airbrush booth. They were selling airbrushes and had the Krome for $80!!! Being the amazing guy he is my friend grabbed one for me.

So yea pretty much Christmas in April for this guy.

I'm excited to try this bad boy out and see just how fine I can get the detail through this airbrush. I'm just waiting on to deliver the hose adaptor and another quick release.

In the meantime enjoy some airbrush porn...

The Krome is at the top and the Patriot 105 is there because it rocks too.