Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just a quick War Jack to lighten the mood.

If you have been following along here, on Facebook and a few forums you will know that I have quite a few projects going on at the same time.

Because I don't have enough on my pallet I wanted to finish my new Khador Battle Box as well. So while other models were in different stages of drying, curing etc I painted up one of the Jacks in the Box (ah puns!).

Anyway..... I give you the Decimator (no I don't make up these names, other people get paid lots of money for this kind of magic...).

As a side note I really hate PVC plastic for models. The grooves and mold lines are a nightmare to clean up right.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Devastator Part 1.0

It's time to bust out ye olde rusting again. It's been a good long while and I figured why not give my self a challenge and go with a good dirty rusted out warjack. Not only good and rusty but lets assume that it was white at some point in it's carrier.

The devastator just seemed to fit the bill. It has good flat vertical lines and nice slopes to make run off and rust streaks look good.

So far i have gotten the basic rust chipping added. In my next post you will see the real magic....

so have a little taste.