Thursday, October 17, 2013

Its time for an update!

I was able to get just about all of the silver done using VMA Aluminum. Not sure why but VMA Silver, Chrome, and Aluminum all look the same to me. I also added the base brown for the wooden crates and as an undercoat for the golds that will come later. And as an added bonus the base is done. I used the trench works base from Secret Weapons Miniatures.

So here are some pictures of the progress so far.

So leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

This will be an interesting experiment, where I, your humble servant learn how to use an airbrush, and maybe even get good at it.

I have been painting miniatures for about 6 years now, and its time to step up the game. I've watched hundreds of hours of YouTube video's and read way too many articles, so now its time to see if osmosis really works.

In the coming days and weeks I will post pictures and maybe some video (if I can figure that one out) and we can all laugh at my expense while we hopefully learn together!

So we are going to start with my first airbrush project. I am working on a Privateer Press Galleon, I am being extremely ambitious and trying the "Hairspray Technique"

So first thing I did was to prime the model black, Then I used Vallejo Model Air Rust over the entire model. After the model dried I hit it with Testers Gloss Coat to seal in the goodness (and honestly its like a save point in a game....) From there I was able to apply the first coats of green.

I have tried to use what the videos call highlighting using Vallejo Russian Green and worked up to a Light Green.

So for our next episode, I will be adding metallic silver and brown in preparation for the gold bits. Stay tuned this might just get ugly.....