Thursday, December 19, 2013

Well hello good people of the internet I am still deciding on what to work on next. I think its going to wind up being a single 28mm figure probably the Mercenaries War Caster Broadsides Bart, or maybe Damiano.

So while I play eeny, meeny, miney, mo. I cleaned up my painting table and got most of my stuff organized. I used Vallejo and P3 mostly which makes having just one solution for paint storage nearly impossible.

I found a solution that I really like. I found The Iron Bow on, He has some great laser cut wooden paint racks I got this one for my Vallejo and Reaper dropper bottles and a large stand one for my P3. The larger one also has the bonus of paint brush storage. Sadly as of typing out this entry the larger pot version is no-longer being sold on his site.

The assembly was pretty easy on these and even though they are laser cut MDF they are quite sturdy.

So hats off to Kelly at The Iron Bow, If you need paint storage go check out his stuff (no I am not a paid or sponsored sales person, just passing on what I found).

If you're anything like me you tend to have paints all over the place by the time you are done painting something and I find that this helps greatly, also helps you keep tabs on what you have and what you need. Don't be like me 3 years ago and buy the same bright orange 3 times in 3 trips to the store because you cant keep your paints strait.

So yea that's my rambling about paint storage.

Here is a picture of the Dropper Bottle Storage

And this is the one that I use for the P3 pots.

Now you know, and knowing is the half the battle......