Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ragman - PP weird nasty looking melting pirate I think.

So sticking with the "How fast can I paint something decent?" theme of this weekend I decided to knock out the Ragman himself. He is pretty low detail but gave me the opportunity to play with a few different colors in the same color pallet.

He was primed with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer just like everything else I do.

I did this one fast so I really didn't pay attention to what paint lines I used I just grabbed what I felt would look good, and seeing that I have something like 100 or more paints (no I don't have a problem. I can stop anytime I want to). It's kinda hard to remember sometimes.

Well you read the sudo-rant so your entitled to some pictures. The wash is still drying so you can see the shiny and it has not yet been based.

From seeing the pictures on here it looks like the face is gonna need another hit of wash before its all said and done.

Gorten Grundback - Finished.

This was a fun diversion and pretty easy model to paint up. I did this with only a hair brush (besides the priming which had been done a few months ago). The Khaki's came out smooth and the highlights on the glasses are something that I hadn't tried before but really like. It was good to play with something from start to finish in a different way than normal. I recommend it to everyone out there.

In other news the new airbrush needle should be here Monday so we will return to our normally featured items then.

Here have a slice of pictures.

Up next I am working on Ragman. He looks like a fun color outside the line kinda model.