Monday, January 11, 2016

Vladimir the Dark Champion.

What can I say? This model was an absolute blast to paint up. The reds came out well, I really like how the golds are showing and the crushed glass on the base brings in a bit of realism.

So overall a fantastic model.

Next up is going to be something completely different. That's right folks I am putting away the red for a bit (I know right?!?!)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year, New Model to work on!

First off welcome to 2016. So far it's been a really good year here at FMP.

I figure it's a new year, we should probably start putting up some new work.

I have been painting up the Privateer Press, Khador Warcaster "Valdimer The Dark Champion." This model is pretty darn dynamic and I love that it is one that PP has put on an actual sculpted base. That and super sized shoulder pads are always in style.........right?

Not much new technique wise on this one. The large curved shoulder pads lend themselves to the red ink way of painting, I am happy with the highlights and shading so far. I really love how the golds are turning out.

At the point of the pictures I had just gotten a black oil wash laid on and now its drying. I also added a bit of Secret Weapons Miniatures - Crushed Glass to base to really make the snow pop.

Once the oil is dry it will be time to gloss varnish, finish up the highlights on things like hair, golds, and then on to the fringes of the cape. With that much of a flowing cape I'll have to try my hand at a bit of freehand painting. I purposfuly left the cape a dark gray. It should give me some great contrast if I use a bright red or even a grey/white for the freehand work.

So have some pictures and we will be back soon.