Saturday, September 19, 2015

Butcher and his little Kodiak friend.

Not a big post but lot's of pictures.

I finished up the Butcher tonight and got the Kodiak done as well. So now its time for a beer and some rest.

Butcher 3.

I love a lazy Saturday. I was able to put about 4 hours into this guy today so far and now I'm just waiting for the Gloss varnish to dry so I can start in on the Oil Washes.

I started with getting all the Grey/Black onto the fur lining of the cape then adding all the different browns to the model. I used three main browns (well 4 if you count the undercoat for the golds). The outside cape thing is P3 Beast Hide. I've not used this brown before but its got a really nice almost cream look to it and goes on really smooth. I used P3 Blood Tracker Brown for the things hanging from the shoulder armor, and am I am totally blanking on what I used for the under-vest (that professional blogging right there folks.....).

You might notice in the picture above that the face is Green. I have seen this technique before but hadn't tried it yet so I figured, hey why not. I am impressed at how it really brings out the flesh tones and leaves decent shadows underneath. 

Silvers were added and as I still have a bit of the old GW Bleach Bone around I used that on the skulls. (seems appropriate given how much GW loves skulls).

Here is the model after the first Gloss Coat. It needs to cure for a few hours and then I'll start applying the washes. 

More pictures to come soon. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Warmachine Weekend Prep.

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I posted last. School, work, and family have taken up my waking hours over the last few weeks, and let's be honest. While my hobby is wonderful and stress releasing it's still only a hobby and has to take a backseat to real life sometimes.

That being said I finally had so much "need to paint" backed up in me I went downstairs and got some stuff done. I put together eZerkova and her body guard, two units of Greylord Ternion (for her list) and The Butcher 3 unit. Now before you ask, yes that is quite a few pins and all of the pins in Butcher are large. Like 1.5mm thick brass rod large.

Then it was prime time, after a few hours of curing I was able to get the reds onto the Butcher and that is where I stand now.

With only 60 days to go before Warmachine Weekend it's time to put the peddle down and get to work Here is a list of what all I have to get done with before I leave for St Louise. 

Butcher 3 and his dogs
A full unit of Iron Fang Pikeman with Black Dragon UA
Tactical Arcanist Corp
The Full WGDS
2 units of GreyLords
Koldon Lord
Saxin Orik
The War Dog (just needs to be based). 
Full Unit of Greylord Outriders. 
Ayana and Holt
and anything else I am forgetting. 

It's gonna be busy so expect quite a few posts over the next two months!