Saturday, August 30, 2014

Apologies 2.0 and Good News

Well kids I am finishing up a 36 hour shift and then home to get the clients models and finally deliver them to him tonight.

Now to the next project and something that I am excited to paint.

I will be working on a GW Imp Knight Titan. I don't play $40k but I have wanted to try my hand at this one for a while. A really good friend sent me it to have it painted and I a mean really how could I resist.

As of now the plan is going to Tzeentch it up. I am thinking purple/red with lots of dark browns and oranges for the rusted out nasty look. And hey I'll get to play with my orange oil paints for rust effects.

The base I am thinking about will be a Chaos Star kinda alter dripping blood from the points with Pink Horrors being "summoned" around it (so a few fully on the base. maybe a pair of arms or two coming out of the ground) and one or two getting squished under the Titans feet.

Stay tuned we are about to come in hot.

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