Thursday, August 28, 2014

Apologies are due.

 I have not put up anything on this blog in a very long while. I have been working 2 full time jobs trying to keep my family indoors and fed.

That does not excuse the fact that I have been working on a commision for about 3 months too long and I need to get it to the client. My goal is to deliver his models in the next few days with no other charge.

Because of time constraints I will not be taking any other commissions. I can't give clients the time they deserve and are paying for so its better just not to do it.

On a bright note. I get to work on stuff that I am passionate about at a speed that does not add stress to my life (do I paint or spend the few hours that I am home with the wife and kids?)

So stay tuned. I am not done yet! Just a bit slower.

Thanks for reading my apology.

Oh and give Jay Larson over at some love. Jay's store and everything he does for the wargaming community deserve your money.

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