Monday, November 30, 2015

Bombardier Bombshell 2.0

I let the primer cure overnight and it was time to get some paint on the model.

I started with VMC - Black/Grey to set the base color as dark as I am comfortable (see previous rants about using strait black).  Then moved on to the under highlights with VGC - Stone Grey.

As you can see I went really heavy on the highlights. I want the red to really pop on this one so the brighter I go now, the more Cherry Red it will be when complete. 

I did a quick rinse of the airbrush while the paint dried and then it was time for the first red ink to go on. 

Once that was in place, The second highlight of VMC - Flat Flesh Tone was applied to give the highlights a warmer feeling. 

And onto to the second coat of red ink. 

After the ink dried (and that's critical) I gave the whole thing a heafty dose of Testor's Gloss Varnish.

And now we wait for the gloss to dry and cure. Next up will be the browns and base colors for all the fiddly bits and details.

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