Sunday, December 13, 2015

At long last the Bombardier Bombshell is finished!

After the oil washes were I applied I went back over the model and highlighted the gold and silvers. Then it was onto finishing the base. I used Army Painter bushes things for the fauna to break up the space, and I used Secret Weapons Miniatures - Crushed Glass for the snow. It's pretty easy to do, just use some clear resin as glue (aka Realistic Water) then sprinkle the glass over it, drop a bit more resin on top... and you have snow. Now a much needed word of caution with this stuff. It's crushed glass, you do not want to breath this into your lungs, like not even a little bit. Use a mask, at least an N-95 if not a respirator, and gloves. Pour over a box or something that can catch it all. Seriously it's dangerous stuff if you don't take precautions.

Then it was time to assemble the model and get her on the base.

So here she is. I purposefully shot these photo's with no extra lighting on the light box to show the painted highlights without having the light wash them out.

Once the resin drys fully on the glass, I'll do pro pictures with her on a real background with real lighting.


  1. Man that looks fantastic! I love the base that you did for it too! Just a really great subject. -Eric

  2. Thanks man!

    The base was a lot of fun to do. I used a round plinth I picked up at Hobby Lobby. They are a three pack for like $5. I used sandable wood putty to create the texture for the ground and a stick as the tree. So all in all the base cost me about $2 to make.

  3. That's cool! Hey man, got a question for you. Any recommendations on your favorite cool dragon figure or two that's not too difficult to put together and paint? Or can you send me a couple links to your fav miniature shops to take a look? My mother-in-law loves dragons and I'd like to give a go at painting one for her. Definitely not for xmas but as a future project. LOL Thanks! If you want I can send you my email. -E

  4. I've always been a big fan of the Reaper Boxed Set dragons. Though I have yet to get permission from the wife to get one. These are not Bones models so they are extremely high quality from what I have read and seen.

  5. Very cool! That'll be a good place to start, thank you!