Thursday, March 20, 2014

Resin Bases....

Lets talk about basing for a bit. I used to do all my own basing from scratch with all the paraphernalia that we all have sitting around our desks. You know the stuff, look around and I am sure you will see cork board, sand, Elmer's Glue (PVA for you folks across the pond), big rocks, little rocks etc.

After I had done custom cork bases for way too many models when I played the game that had a ton of models, more dice then one should legally own and if you still need another hint it takes place really far into the future and its really grim and dark. I decided to buy my first set of resin bases. Let me tell you it really was love at first site. I got the urban ruble bases from Secret Weapons Miniatures for my very first unit in Warmachine (Khador Winterguard). I was taken aback at just how much detail went into the bases. I was able to prime and paint them to a higher standard then I could ever have achieved making something on my own. That and I was able to get them done in 1/3rd of the time. Best of all, no more sand/pva glue glop pulling away from the plastic base. No more tiny little pieces of sand sticking to the feet or legs of my models in annoying ways. So no I will never go back to making my own.

So I tell you all of that to show you what I was working on tonight. I am working on Alexia and her Risen (but that is for the next blog update). I ordered the Bone Yard bases from Secret Weapons Miniatures for the unit. Why Bone Yard you ask? Well Alexia raises them from the dead so what better to have on their bases.

There are a few things to know about working on resin bases (well any resin really). The first step is to wash them in warm water with some dish soap. This step is critical and gets any left over mold release off the resin. If the mold release is still there then the primer and paint will not stick and that is just no bueno.
Step two is pretty obvious in that you let them dry and then prime. Depending on the look I am going for I use black or grey. For these I went black as I am going to use a water effect with red ink to simulate blood on the bones so I want it dark and brooding. Next will be painting up the skulls which leads to these pictures.

The light washed out how tan/Khacki these look. I used P3 Jack Bone as the base color for the skulls. They will get a dry brush of a Vallejo Model Color dark flesh to give them a dirtier feel later.

You will notice that I wasn't to careful when I applied the first coat, and that is because it really doesn't matter at this point.

Next up will be to add the darker tan, then I will add a few weathering powders, most likely a green and some orange to mix in with the red ink later.

Till next time....

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