Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bases Update - now with 100% more blood.

Sorry for the long time between updates. I have a wonderful wife and 4 lovely kids that demand so much friggen time......

So yea I was finishing up a commission for a friend tonight who wanted his PP Cygnar Black 13th and they were done and I was waiting for the varnish to dry so I grabbed out the bases and added the red for the blood.

Blood is an easy thing to get wrong. Too much and it looks stupid. To little and it hardly shows. Now add in the mix that I will be putting a clear resin on the bases to look like wet blood and stuff starts to get a bit complicated. Ok not really complicated just more steps is all.

I used P3 red ink and watered it down at 2:1 ink to water. Then I used my old beat up keep around for stuff like this brush and basically just dabbed it on the base not really worrying if some got onto the bones and skulls.

After that I took a bit of P3 green ink and hit some of the brighter spots of red to tone it down some, That and the green under the resin will give it a sort of sickly look when its all said and done.

Here have some pictures.

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