Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No new pictures to post today. I didn't have time last night to work on anything.

I do want to run down a few lessons I learned and thoughts that occurred to me when working on the Devastator.

1. Rusty brown does not contrast well with red..... Not sure how to remedy this other than to go with a very dark brown and maybe much lighter red?

2. Little jacks are a lot faster to paint up then a colossal (well duh right?)

3. What you use to scratch off the top layers of paint needs to be somewhat hard but not metal. I noticed a few spots where without trying very hard I removed the paint down to the grey plastic below.

4. I need to build a light box or better place to take pictures. Looking at what I posted you can see that the red paint on the floor of the spray booth was kind of blending with the model...

For tomorrow's post I will be back to finishing up the Galleon. I hope to finish the head and metallic piping on the main body.

So stay tuned....

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