Monday, October 21, 2013

Hair Spray Part 1.5

I thought this would be a two part series of posts. Apparently my planning out a project is also a learning process.......

For today's post I made sure the hairspray was dry, then sprayed on the Red base coat using P3 Skorne Red, I used this instead of P3 Khador Red as I find the Khador to be a bit too orange for a base coat making it harder to highlight..

I let this coat dry while cleaning out the airbrush for the next color.

At this point I added the highlights using P3 Khador Red and Reaper Master Series Pail Flesh at a 6:2 ratio. I picked up the Pail Flesh tip from watching Les @ Awesome Paint Job. It works well with red and blends fantastically.

From here on out we have to sadly leave the airbrush and go to the painting desk.

I started adding metallic using P3 Pig Iron. I had debated using VMA Chrome but I wanted a more rugged look.

Up next will be finishing the metallic paint, adding golds and bronzes.

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