Monday, October 21, 2013

Hair Spray (1 of 2)

As I looked back at the first two posts, I realized that I had mentioned using the "Hair Spray" method but didn't actually describe what I meant.

Its a pretty basic idea, and hopefully it will turn out well.

I grabbed a model that was still in the box to walk through the steps.

1. Assemble your model (I am using the Khador Devastator from Privateer Press)

2. Prime and base coat in brown (darker the better to give it the first coat of what your rust will look like. I used Vallejo Game Color Beasty Brown, and then a 1:1 mix of Khador Red and Khador red highlight (which is pretty orange) to add a bit of extra color to some spots on the model.

3. After the paint is completely dry its time to put on the gloss coat. This will give a protective barrier to brown underneath (its also a great save point for future mistakes)

(look how shiny it is!)

4. Wait for the gloss coat to dry (this can take several hours). Now the fun, go grab the cheapest hairspray you can find. We're talking like 80's keep your hair perfectly still in a F3 tornado kinda hairspray. And give it a good coating.

5....Stay tuned for next time.

Oh and please leave a note. Let me know that someone is checking out the ravings of an Airbrush newb....

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