Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hair Spray 1.5.2 of 2....

I was blessed tonight as my amazing wife let me go down to my hobby cave and work some more on the Devastator.

First I finished up the metal bits and then it was time for the fun....aka ruining a perfectly good model

1. Here we get a wee bit of water and something sharp. I used a small piece of metal sprue that I happened to have on my painting table. I applied water to the area I wanted to remove the paint from then gently rubbed off the paint till I reached the brown below (this is why I used the gloss coat earlier).

The results look like this

2. From here it was time to add a bit of a wash onto the rust parts. I used Secret Weapons Miniatures Rust Brown pigments mixed with Isopropol Alcohol and just dabbed it on in spots to give it a bit of a richer look to the brown. I will repeat this process again later (after another gloss coat has dried).

3.  I added weathering powders to the smoke stack to get rid of the pretty bronze. I use Vallejo Iron Oxide pigment mixed into 90% Isopropol Alcohol and use it almost like a wash.

4. Time to think about a finished base for this little guy. I used a Secret Weapons Miniatures resin base from the Ruined City Streets line. I added some green paint with Real Water over top to give it a toxic sludge look in the recesses.

5. The model was glued down to its permanent home and the Gloss Coat has been applied.

Now it is time to let that dry over night. Tomorrow I will mix up an oil wash and apply it over the gloss coat and finish this bad boy!

Now for some sleep (cuz apparently that's a thing).

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