Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hyperion 4.0

I finally had a day off that I wasn't sick or recovering from a 24hr shift (ah the life of a paramedic).

So I did the most of the white coats down on the model and its starting to look the way the client envisioned it. a few more lines of white, then the reds and the top will be done.

So I was a bit burnt out on white and decided it was time to work on getting the base ready. The client already had this put together and wants it to look like the Hyperion had just crushed the Seether.

I am thinking of something off the pier so naturally we need to get the base ready for some water effects. I use Secret Weapons Miniatures "Still Water" it works well and I got 5 bottles on sale online. I got a base coat of a nasty brown/ tan mix and hit it with a green ink. When thats dry tomorrow I will add a blue ink then drybrush some greens and browns in as well.

I started painting up the Seether and figure the Hyperion is very sleek and almost monochromatic (with the dark grey, white and red) so I want to add some color in somewhere. The Seether is P3 Bane green and will have P3 Necrotic Green, with old GW Gun Metal, VMA Aluminum and P3 Jack Bone. The brass is Tamiya Alcohol based old brass.

So there in a few pictures are the 3 hours of my life.

Till next time......

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