Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hyperion 5.0

The end is in sight. I was able to finish up all the white (and holly cow is there a ton of tiny little places that the white goes). I was also able to get the Seether on the base done. and the final color on the base that will be under the water effect is where I want it. I added the Electric Blue to the front spike thingies and also on a few places where it would go on the back. Then fixed the outside rim of the base in black to give it a really good contrast. So yea 4 hours of work tonight really shows.

Now the model is sitting in my spray booth drying. Next up will be a gloss coat on the whole model to seal in the freshness then I will be adding a bright bright red to all the raised circles inside the white. After that the water effects will be added to the base and blam another model will be done.

Have some pictures (their free).

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