Saturday, September 6, 2014

Knight Titan 2.0

Well I spent the morning cutting things off sprue, cutting off mold lines and extra bits.... Oh how I have missed this GW. Than onto assembly. Because of how complex and how many "layers" if you will this model has I decided to paint it in pieces and then do a final assembly.

Also important to note...The legs fit perfectly BACKWARDS. So if you do not have a Dremel Tool and some Green Stuff life is gonna be hard. Lucky I did, and well, that was a fun waste of about 30 minutes.

I also cut up the shield a bit and drilled in a few bullet dents. These should be fun focal points for rust streaks.

I can't really see it in the picture but we are going with the Punisher looking face plate.

So now its sitting in the spray booth primed and curing. I am off to all the game stores to find some Vallejo Game Color Gory Red (wish me luck).

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