Saturday, September 6, 2014

Knight Titan 3.0

Yea I know it's quite a few updates to the blog for one day. In my defence its been a long time since I have had a whole day to actually build and paint something. That and I am really excited about painting this thing.

So I got the first brown of the rust down. I used Vallejo Model Color German Brown. It's a really nice dark mustard brown. Looks like what mud should.

I gave this coat about an hour to dry then it was on to the orange of the rust. I used the Old Fire Dragon Orange from GW mixed about 5:1 with VMC Mahogany Brown. I'm going with a very bright rust because the base colors will be purple and red. I need something that will stand out but still look like rust.

Now to wait a few hours and let everything get nice and dry. Then I will add a heavy gloss coat and call it good for the night.

Thanks for reading. More to come in a few days.

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