Friday, September 12, 2014

Knight Titan 6.0

I didn't get much sleep in the last 48 hours but I wanted to get some painting done.

I started by getting some yellow down on the banner. I used P3 Cygnus Yellow. It was the brightest that I have I a want the banner to really pop against the black when its done.

Then it was time to play with some gold! I love Vallejo Red Gold. It's from the Vallejo alcohol based Liquid Gold line and its just fantastic. I really like how you can see the reflections of the colors around it in the gold (well in person you can). Also note that it is an alcohol based paint so you thin it with 90% isopropyl and use a synthetic brush as the alcohol is no bueno for sable hair. 

As you can see I was pretty tired and I let a bit of the gold and some of the silver bleed over, but that will be fixed easily tomorrow when I get back to work on this bad boy. 

The last thing I did tonight was get the whites down on the Leg Guards. I used P3 Menoth White Base and I really like the look with the purple. 

Well, that's all for now folks, see ya tomorrow. 


  1. You're making better progress than I am... The one that was sent to me was incomplete and now I have to get the pieces I need from eBay! The client is paying for them though, so I don't mind.

    Also, I love Red Gold as well... it's probably my favorite color out of the Liquid Gold range.

  2. I'm trying to get this one done relatively quickly. That and i am actually energized to paint right now!

    Why eBay for the parts? If they are missing wouldn't GW replace them? Or did they stop doing that?