Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Knight Titan 5.0

Just a quick update tonight. I was supposed to work a 24hr shift and it turned into working 36 plus hours instead.

I was able to tape off and get the Steel down on the torso and legs. I am currently using Vallejo Model Air Aluminium and it's by far my favorite of all the silvers that I own. It leaves an incredibly smooth finish and just looks like real metal. I also really like how the sliver and purple look together.

I have another 24 hour shift tomorrow so I should have a much bigger update with quite a bit of progress on Saturday. 

Up next I am going to tape off all the fiddly bits on the arms to finish up the silvers. Mask off the "face" and get a good glow coming out of the eyes. Then the mask (that covers most of the face) will get a really bright yellow or an off white (haven't decided yet). For the banner I am leaning towards yellow and black caution stripes. That should finish up the airbrushing side of this project then onto the regular brush. 

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