Saturday, September 13, 2014

Knight Titan 7.0

I gots the gold fever baby! Ok not really. I just wanted to work on the golds tonight. I was able to get the Leg Guards, Shin Guards, Knee Guards (this thing has a ton of guards apparently) and the Chain Sword golds done. I gotta say the purple and white really go well with the gold.

I also cleaned up the purples on the rest of the model and the silvers where they bled over. My back started hurting so I stopped for the night (Ain't getting old great?).

I really love how this picture turned out. You can really see how amazing the Vallejo Red Gold is. 

Group shot, pay no attention to the top left corner. 

It's just about time to start chipping away at the paint job to bring the rust out. I think that will be the next installment.

See ya tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel.....

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