Monday, September 15, 2014

Knight Titan 8.0

It was time to ruin a perfectly good paint job. Let's get to chipping. The tools of choice for chipping are a used stiff bristle tooth brush, a coffee stir stick cut at an angle, fresh water, and few paper towels.

I start with the toothbrush, getting it mildly wet and rubbing it over the piece. This well get the paint wet and let the hairspray we used earlier in the build dissolve making it easier to to remove the paint. Then I use the stir stick to chip up little pieces and cut scores into the paint where the hair spray has not quite gotten the message. Then another run with the toothbrush and its time to dry the piece off with the paper towel.

Now it is time to let these fully dry and then I will hit them with two coats of testers gloss coat. Normally when I gloss coat I use Vallejo Gloss Coat through the airbrush but we are going to be putting a few oils down and when you need it tough there is nothing better than Testers (seriously its like shellac for models).

I'll be using a burnt sienna oil for the wash as it will compliment the orange/red I used for the rust colors underneath, and should look pretty darn amazing streaked down the white bits. I am also planning to use some red rust powders and a few other things to make this look really rusty and dirty.

I'll be back around Friday with new update. Till then y'all.

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