Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Diorama 7.0 - The Highlights.... Oh the Highlights.

I had a few minutes after class (so read about 10pm last night) to work on this model a bit more. I was able to add the second highlight (well first over color). I used Vallejo Model Color - Light Skin Tone mixed at 1:2 with water, and very slowly applied the highlight to the raised areas. I can honestly say I am just astounded at how well this technique works. The depth of color is just insane (I think I said that after the last coat too but man it's true).

To give you an idea, there is no direct light on this model. the "shine" is all paint.

Up next will be a very light coat of red ink to smooth out the highlights and then its on to the blacks, golds, silvers etc.....

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