Friday, September 19, 2014

Knight Titan 9.0  - Oil, oil everywhere....

Well I got home after what was supposed to be a 24 hour shift that turned into 36 hours between both jobs (gotta keep them kids fed). I'm tired but really wanted to get some work done on the Titan.

I hit the parts with Testers Gloss Coat. It's the best thing out there when it comes to gloss coats and you want something very strong and durable when you are about to make an oil based wash so as not to eat the paint underneath.

I chose to go with a really orange oil wash on this one to highlight the rust. I want a brighter rust to contrast the purple and stand out. It also sets a good tone for the next step in the process....... Powders.

So I used this stuff.

I got it from Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon for something like $5. This is probably more than I and 10 friends could ever hope to use, but oils never dry out so its all good. 

I grabbed about a 2mm round balls worth of the stuff out and mixed it with Odorless Mineral Spirits to make the wash. I wish I could give you a ratio but I can't. How I do it is I mix it nice and thin to the point of some translucence, then blot it on a paper towel. If it spreads out in a nice spider pattern I know its good to go. 

I started applying the oil wash on the turtle top thing and let capillary action bring it down into all of the nooks and crannies (another bonus to gloss coat). 

You can see how the orange of the wash really brings out the browns of the rust already. 

Then it was onto the leg guards. Now with whites you have to be really careful as you cant just smear it all over and hope for the best. I applied it mostly around the edges and it will set up the powders better on these. 

Same thing with the white on the mask, but I did go with a heavier wash on the silver hear. 

Here is a shot of the legs and torso for good measure too. 

And now its time to wait for the oils to dry at least over night. Oils take a very long time to dry (oil paintings on canvas take YEARS to cure). So a day is nothing in comparison. 

Sunday will be a day of assembling the whole thing, then adding powders and sealing it all up. 

Then onto the base.....

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