Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quick diversion from the Knight Titan. 

I have really cool, no strike that, amazing news! I had heard about the new Vallejo paint line Vallejo Game Air that is just about to be released. Game Air is a complementary line to Model Air but with the same bright colors as the Game Color line (like the old GW). I contacted Vallejo and they were extremely kind and offered to send me samples to review. Well the paints showed up at my door step today and besides getting to see the wife and kids after 36 hours on shift it was the second best thing putting a big ol grin on my face. 

I asked for and received the following colors:

72.701 Dead White
72.705 Moon Yellow 
72.709 Hot Orange
72.711 Gory Red
72.270 Imperial Blue
72.721 Magic Blue
72.740 Leather Brown
72.743 Beasty Brown
72.725 Dead Flesh
72.753 Chainmail Silver
72.754 Gunmetal
72.756 Glorious Gold
72.757 Bright Bronze
72.758 Brassy Brass
72.761 Khaki
70.510 Gloss Varnish (this is the same as what is currently offered but I had thought it was new for the Game Air line). 

This is a good assortment and should give me a good test on a project to really put these through the paces. After I finish up the Knight Titan of course. 

So readers I put it to you, what shall we try these paints on? I have Privateer Press WarJacks, Hordes WarBeasts, lots of single models from PP, or an old metal Lictor from GW. Let me know what you think I should paint in the comments. 

I'll be off after another 24hr shift tomorrow and hopefully I should have the last installment (read finished!) of the Knight Titan up on Sunday night. 

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  1. Dude, that is awesome! Everything I've heard so far is that they are great, so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them.

    I thought about asking them for the paint to review it, but I figured there was no way they would give them to me.