Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Knight Titan Base 1.0

Well kids I have recovered from the PBR and it was time get the base ready.
I went back and forth and then around again figuring out just how to make what I wanted it to look like in my head actually appear in reality. I had started with the idea of making a silicone mold of a chaos star and pouring the Realistic Water into it, then attaching it to the base and using spackle around it to make it look like a chaos like mud hole. This would have been expensive and I'm still not sure it would have looked all that great. I went to the internetz for help and got a reply on My Dakka Help Thread. I owe an apology to a user Queen_Annes_Revenge for suggesting cork. I dismissed it out of hand and wound up using it. So Bravo Good Sir, Bravo.

So how did I do it you ask?

Well I started with a round of cork. I placed the Titan on it and with a sharpie I marked where the feet would wind up. Then I drew out the 8 sided star between the feet.

Then it was on to the messy part of cutting out the star without breaking the cork. I used a very sharp X-Acto knife and a bit of luck. 

As you can see I glued a few pieces of broken off cork here and there to make some rocks 

After that it was time to prime. I took the plastic base that I had already primed yesterday and put down a circle of dark red in the middle to go under the Chaos Star. It will help with the coloring of the water down the road. 

Here you can see the "finished product". Now it needs a while to dry and for the glue underneath to set. After that its onto pouring the Realistic Water. This will be a several day project as you can only pour about 1/8" at a time, and the cork is about a half inch thick. I am using the stuff from Secret Weapons Miniatures as thats what I have on hand and I got it cheap online.

P.S Sorry about the first two pics. I can't get them to rotate even though they are showing the right facing on my computer. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.

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