Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Knight Titan Base 2.0 - the pouring of the water.

Well I had some free time this morning so I was able to get the base looking like rock. I used the airbrush to hit it with Vallejo Model Color Black Grey. Then proceed to add a bit of Vallejo Model Color Stone Grey in ever increasing amounts and dry brushed it on to give the rock some "depth". Once that was done it was time to start pouring the "water". I used Secret Weapons Miniatures Realistic Water (because I had a few bottles on hand). It will take several applications because you can only pour about 1/8" at a time.

So this will take a few days to build up all the way and spill over a bit.

But for now have some shiny new pictures.

Here is what it looked like after the dry brushing.

Here is the first pour.

Making sure it looks good on the base.

From the back. 

Looking down. 

And the wide shot for funnzies. 

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