Monday, September 22, 2014

Knight Titan 10.0

It's getting so close to being done. I can feel the excitement in the air. The last few touches and Blam something new and exciting has been finished. Ok, enough poetic waxing. I had planned to work on this last night but I was way to tired to even walk down to the basement let alone mess with a model. So today I was bright eyed and had enough beer on hand to give it a go.

I started by cracking open a 24oz PBR, then it was time to put the beast together.

It was at this point that I realized I had never actually finished the shoulders..... So off to the painting desk I went

30 minutes later....

What is not shown is the powders added to the whites of the shoulders as for some reason they would not chip.... Not cool shoulders but powders made it look better and another shot of oil wash will bring them in line with the rest of the model. 

I was also able to the the base primed so thats a thing. 

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